The Worshipful Master was Installed on the 17th May 2017. I took the opportunity of asking for an Interview to find out how he was feeling at that time.

G.B.S.-Worshipful Brother Gary that sounds good, I was part of the interview panel when you applied to become a Freemason. We were certainly justified in recommending your application to join our Lodge what are your thoughts now having been given the honour of leading the Lodge ?

G.K- I’ve not rushed into the chair of King Solomon having taken over 12 years to get there, although not as long as one of my brothers who took 40 years. I think we all know when the time is right.

G.B.S.- What were you feelings when you became Master Elect ?

G.K.- From the moment of being confirmed as Master Elect I have a real sense of pride and honour and then I started thinking how far I had come in my own Masonic journey. I would never had thought or been able to stand in front of a group of men and be confident in the delivery of various parts of our Masonic rituals.

G.B.S . – How did you get over this trepidation ?

G.K. – Like most things in life, the more you put in the more you get out and this is so true in respect of Masonry. I want to be the best I can be, this means putting a lot of work into learning our Masonic ritual so I think in this sense Freemasonry has made me a more confident man. I also try to transfer what we learn in the Lodge to my everyday life outside the Lodge, so I suppose it has made me a better man.

G.B.S. – Are there other reasons why this has been a good year?

G.K. – Yes. A very special year for me as my son is a Lewis and I have taken an active part in his first steps in Masonry and will be part of his Masonic journey.

G.B.S. – The 17th May has arrived and it is your big day. What were your feelings at this time?

G.K. – I have done the work, the night of my installation has arrived. I have several guests including some family and a Masonic brother from Wales amongst them. This has only made me more nervous. I can only describe it as nervous anticipation. I go through the inner workings of the ceremony of Master Elect and again I am blown away by what went on. There are still some pleasant surprises in Freemasonry.

Once I was installed into the chair the nerves began to hit me. I think this is when my broad Scots accent gets stronger as the nerves come to the fore. My I.P.M. just put a hand on my shoulder and said “slow down you are getting quicker”. That gave me some comfort and I started to settle into the Chair. Realizing everyone was looking at me, they are all listening. Suddenly it hits me, I am now Master of this Lodge. It is not something I take lightly, I want to do a good job.

G.B.S. – Gary, the ceremony is over, the social part begins. Have you got different feelings at this stage?

G.K. – The meeting is finished and we head off to the festive board. This is only the second time in my 12 years that I have sat at the top table and I remember being told as an initiate to enjoy it as the next time I sit here is when I become Master. Then the fun begins and we drink wine, toast and sing. During the Master’s song the whole Lodge are looking at me and I see all my Brothers raising a glass to me. I took a good moment to look all around and soak that moment up. I really did struggle to keep it together, it truly is emotional and I felt enormously proud to serve this fine Lodge of men who have greatly enhanced my life in so many ways.

G.B.S. – How does your wife feel about your involvement?

G.K. – I really love my freemasonry and my wife encourages me to go to meetings which is quite strange – I mean she wouldn’t be too happy if I was going to the pub but she too sees the pleasure and happiness I get from it.

G.B.S.-Worshipful Brother Gary I think those few words will inspire and encourage some of our junior members to continue to work hard both on the Ritual of Freemasonry as well as improve confidence and self-belief.

Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of the year.